Southwestern Stuffed Peppers and Homemade Taco Seasoning

Our kitchen is about six square feet with counters on either side and no dishwasher to speak of, so I often measure my energy to make a meal by how many large items it uses–pots, fry pans, colanders, etc. For these stuffed peppers, the colander, mixing bowl, pot, and two casserole dishes were worth the washing effort.

This is what it looks like when real people make Pinterest recipes.

The recipe calls for a half a pound of ground turkey, but I used a whole pound. I also cooked the turkey with the onions and added three cloves of garlic and a few shakes of salt to add some more taste. The homemade taco seasoning cuts out the high sodium of store-bought taco seasoning. I used this recipe for the taco seasoning and used chipotle instead of red pepper flakes for a little extra zing.

With the whole pound of turkey, there was enough filling for three peppers and a small casserole dish! We have been eating it for three days now, which is always a plus for me. Next time? More corn, more cilantro.


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