Bandana Curtains

This past Sunday, I dropped Sean off at the head of the 100-mile wilderness in Monson, Maine. We have never gone more than a night without talking to each other, so I am currently planning ways to keep myself busy until I join him at Katahdin next weekend. I completed the project I am about to tell you about months ago, when Sean moved into his new apartment and found that some of the windows were shadeless.

I didn’t want to spend the $20 or somesuch to get the tension rod and curtain panel at Target, and I also had that crafting itch, so I went to A.C. Moore and found that they were having a 5 for $5 sale on bandannas–score! I had seen an idea for a red, white, and blue tablecloth made of bandannas on Pinterest, so I knew it could be done. I grabbed six bandannas and a spool of thread and scooted back home to break out the iron.

Xena “helped.”

It took the duration of two movies–it was disney night with Alexis–to whip-stitch these puppies together. In spite of my previous notation of my fear of sewing, it was a load of fun. If you have a sewing machine, it will do the job a lot more quickly…but I like how my hand-sewn one came out anyway.

Bandanna Curtain/Tablecloth

6 bandannas (preferably double-sided ones)

1 spool like-colored thread

1 needle

1. Iron all of the bandannas. If you don’t know how to do this, call your mom, dad, grandparent, or Good Housekeeping.

2. The bandannas should be square, or at least all the same size. Put two on top of each other and pin them along one edge. Sew it right along the edge.

3. Do this with the four remaining bandannas.

4. Now you have three sets of rectangles. Pin two of the rectangles together along the long side. Sew like you mean it.

5. Do the same with the last rectangle.

Voila! You have yourself a curtain! If you want to put it on a rod, you can sew over a little pocket at the top, but we were in such a hurry to cover up those windows that we push-pinned it to the window frame. Shh.

The completed panel laid out on the bed.


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