The Bubbles Bash

I apologize for the lack of hand-made things in the last few posts. Summer is always a busy time of year for me because I work all day and play all night (no homework, woo!) and then while away the weekends climbing, hiking, lounging at camp, and visiting friends. Most of my posts have been food because that is all I have had time for. I suppose the school year isn’t much better, but since I’ll be moving into my new apartment and decorating it, I am sure there are more projects to come!

Biddeford Pool sunset.

This weekend was my favorite event of the summer: The Bubbles Bash. Every July, our best family friends, the Irvings, graciously host a wine group meeting of epic proportions in their beautiful house by the sea. Its name comes from the star of the show — champagne. This year was The Bubbles Bash: Second Generation because my sister and her husband, the Irvings’ sons and their girlfriends, and Sean and I were all there, and on the first night we outnumbered the adults. You can tell I had a good time because I forgot to take lots of pictures, which I had intended to do. But here’s a general recap:

There was wine tasting:

Pizza on the grill (if you haven’t done it that way, you haven’t lived, and this is coming from a girl who has grown up with a wood fired pizza oven!):

Old and new friends:

Lonny (born 6 days before me and my friend since we were in diapers) and Maggie (his supercool girlfriend who I finally met in person this weekend).

Mini golf (Sean got first, I got second):

Alice showcases her putting skillz.

And a gigantic bottle of the most delicious beer:

Sean’s leg for reference. He’s 5’11”. We had to chill it in a laundry basket lined with a contractor’s bag.

There was also a lot of this:

My sister explains the rules of cornhole to my confused father.

In fact, the cornhole competition got so serious that we invented the FlandIrving cup, a tournament vying for a trophy that I unfortunately did not get a picture of, but involved paper cups, a beer bottle, a cork, and some scary-looking toothpick spikes. It started with young Flanders vs. young Flanders (Sean and I won, much to our chagrin because Alice and Andrew really hate losing) and young Irvings vs. young Irvings (Ashley came through and beat Lonny for the first time EVER) and involved some embarrassing swinging amongst the old Irvings and old Flanders couples (something about including more people in the game…whatever, it was weird). The final game, old Irvings vs. young Irvings, ended with a mortifying defeat of the young Irvings. That said, much fun and bean-bag slinging was had by all.

We also boogie-boarded our bums off, took long walks on the beach, and slept out under the stars with the sea breeze in our noses. Oh, and some people ate a lot of lobster.

Sean and my mom.

That’s all, folks!


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