Afghan Love

So I mentioned way in the beginning of this blog that I would be posting knitting projects, and unfortunately I don’t have anything new to tell y’all about. However, I have a large number of fun knit items in my past, and this is one of them.

I used three different colors of Manos del Uruguay handspun wool. The yarn is really the shining star in this afghan because it is such a simple pattern. I found the pattern, called Fiesta, in a book called Gorgeous Knitted Afghans, but it is a very simple diagonal knit that you could easily look up on the internet. I do recommend the book for some easy and gorgeous (ha) afghan patterns, such as the gorgeous purple basket-weave one that I made that I apparently did not photograph…

Anyway, I have to apologize for this being a supor short post that comes off as an endorsement of that book (but it really is good…I wasn’t paid to say so!), but this has been a not-so-inspiring week. A beloved professor at my school passed away unexpectedly Monday morning right after a tragic hiking accident that killed a university girl my age. It is all too close to home, as death all too often is.

We are also rapidly approaching that moving time of year, which means I’m going to have little time for much else. Oh, and I’m taking the GREs mid-August. So I hope everybody’s ready for some more recipes!


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