Welcome to Town

You wouldn’t know it, thanks to that handy dandy “schedule” function, but I have been sans internet for the past few weeks, either mid-move or on vacation. It has felt wonderful, but of course the school year is coming and I need to start getting down to business.

You know, after Labor Day.

Here are some pictures of my life these days:

Two years’ worth of sleeping space…empty.

This was the place I slept, worked, napped, wrote, read, cried, laughed, and lived for two years. This image is the second saddest image of my summer. The first? The picture of the christmas bell on our front door right before we (my roomie and I) took it off, which unfortunately came out blurry because I snapped it at night when we were in a hurry to get to my new house to collapse after a long, long day of moving. If anybody is familiar with Friends, do you remember the yellow picture frame that went over the peephole? You know, the one they took off in the last episode? Yeah, that’s what it was like. Ah-boo-hoo 😦

Funny what a tiny jar of mod podge can do.

Anywhoo, I mentioned awhile back that I had a bookcase and a desk to work on. You saw the desk, but not the bookcase, mostly because the bookcase looked like a lost cause. After Sean had primed part of it, I decided that there was no way in hell I was going to buy another super expensive can of nice paint to slop on this piece of bleep. So instead, I went to my local Crack House A.C. Moore and bought an 8 oz jar of all-purpose Mod Podge and one of those over-priced books of pretty paper. I think people use it for scrapbooking, but I don’t really know what scrapbooking is. It sounds like something that involves gluing macaroni on things. Someone please set me straight if you know how it works.

At home, armed with scissors, a tiny paint brush, and season one of Sex and the City (guilty pleasure aided and abetted by my sister’s maid of honor gift to me), I covered myself in craft glue. Some of it ended up on the paper and the bookcase, and it turned out looking good enough to pile my textbooks on it.

Don’t worry, I’ve since decorated the top shelf with things like a stuffed salmonella and a can of Caviar of Maine (blueberries in syrup).

So that’s what I did with the bookcase.

Now, about the desk. Once I find pretty knobs to put on the desk, I will do an entire post dedicated to it, but for now, here it is in place. Somehow it became the cat feeding station in spite of the fact that I wanted it to be my coffee station. I mean, I guess there’s a French press on the table, but the cat food apparently takes precedence.

Don’t let that guitar fool you. I can only play Blackbird and Smelly Cat. Ah, but who are the Mad Jacks, you ask? For that you need to go here.

Strangely enough, I’ve been so preoccupied with crafting, moving, organizing, and vacationing that I haven’t made anything too exciting, food-wise. Except for that blueberry peach tart. Oh lordy, was that delicious. Maybe I’ll make it again and write down the recipe and take some pictures for once.

But for now, I’ve got some more vacationing to do before classes begin next week. I’ll leave you with the image of what I wake up to every morning in this new place.

Cue Psycho music.


One thought on “Welcome to Town

  1. I’m impressed with what you can do with just a little space. Those nick nacks (knick nacks?) on top of the book shelf look pretty cool, what do you have in the bottles?

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