My Commute

So now that summer is coming to an end, there is going to be a lot less of this…


…and a lot more of this:

The road goes ever on and on…

Actually, that’s a lie. Pretty soon we’re going to be buried in snow. But at least for the fall, I get to spend about thirty-forty minutes a day looking at that path and the sights surrounding it.

Blue skies, smiling at me…

..nothing but blue skies…

As I did last fall, I have decided to try a Zero-Waste approach to my commute: biking. The commute from my current town is much longer than it was from my old apartment, but instead of having to ride the road the whole way, I get to travel the bike path. No gasoline, AND I get to exercise on my way to and from school.

Okay, I’m misleading you in true rosy-glassed blogger fashion. It really isn’t all sunshine, green grass, and open bike path. Last week, the rain came down so hard that I woke up and stepped in a huge puddle and Sean and I had to park illegally on campus because we haven’t gotten our parking passes yet. I also biked to school on a sunny morning and came home that evening in the rain…

My plan is to avoid purchasing the parking pass so that I have to bike or take the bus to campus…or pay the consequences, since the parking people are extremely thorough and somewhat sadistic.

What does your commute look like? Do you drive or bike? Do you take the bus or the subway…or both?


5 thoughts on “My Commute

  1. Cool! Much better than my commute. Benton says he has a terrible commute to the food bowl. Often he commutes all the way there and there isn’t even anything in it.

  2. Great job on the biking! And you’re so lucky to have an awesomely paved, car free commute! You may have already seen this post already but biking has so many other amazing benefits besides just the lack of emissions so give yourself a giant pat on the back! I also have started to carry a fold up poncho in my bag each day just in case of the unexpected rain.

    • A poncho, I hadn’t thought of that. Definitely a good idea. Do you still bike when it is snowy? I have been trying to figure out what I want to do about the cold. The bike path is plowed in the winter, but I am a major wimp when it comes to the cold.

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