A Trip to Portland and the Allagash Brewing Company

Have I ever mentioned that we like beer around here? My appreciation for beer comes mostly from my sister and her husband, so it is fitting that for my sister’s birthday weekend, she celebrated by going on a brewery tour (and going to a vet conference…work doesn’t really stop for her).

Those Maine moose know where to get the good stuff.

Sean and I drove down to go on the tour and eat lunch with them. We toured the Allagash Brewing Company in Portland. They brew mostly Belgians, with a few hoppy choices here and there. The tour started with a beer tasting, which was a treat because Allagash beer is one of those special occasion beers (a bottle is about $15, which we can’t afford on a regular basis, although we’d like to). My favorite beer that we tasted was the Curieaux, which is a Belgian tripel aged in Jim Beam whiskey barrels. Yum.

Here are some pictures from our tour:

Fermentation tanks.

Bottling room (under construction).

Whiskey barrels!

We went to a restaurant in the Old Port called Novare Res for lunch. It was amazingly tasty. My sister had a rabbit sandwich, Sean and Andrew had shortrib sandwiches, and I had a ham sandwich with onion and garlic jam. We were so hungry that we gobbled everything down before I could take pictures. Sean and I finished our meal with a Belgian waffle smothered in apple-toffee sauce and ricotta ice cream.

A liter of Oktoberfest beer. Don’t worry, it wasn’t mine.

I was not feeling well that day, so I didn’t partake in the large steins of beer that everybody else sucked down, but it looked delicious. As always, the time spent with my sister and brother-in-law was so much fun! Happy birthday (a week ago), sister!


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