Tasty Recipe Update

So remember how I said that I have been so busy that the only “craft” I have time for is cooking? Yeah, so much for that. School has been quite the struggle recently. But you can rest assured that my lack of recipes has been a positive. You want your buildings and bridges to be stable, do you not?

My life as of late.

Anyway, two weeks ago I was able to go the whole week on two meals, which was beyond excellent because that is precisely how many meals I had the time to make.

The first was a “creamy” spinach spaghetti dish with roasted tomatoes. The creamy part is, in fact, avocado and a little bit of yogurt. I added some feta cheese to the dish for some extra tanginess. You can find the recipe here.

Man approved!

The second recipe was a slow cooker tomato basil soup. Now, the other day I got into an argument with someone on the Fbook about whether slow cookers are a valid “gourmet” food tool. I agree that they aren’t as, well, fabulous and flashy as Dutch ovens (I have one and love it), but they take the worry out of burning your house down and make some darn good, home-cooked meals! What do you think? Yea or nay to crockpots?

Anyway, this recipe is super fun because you just dump everything in and then at the end of the day puree it all. I like to puree things. It’s probably similar to my love of disassembling chickens. You can find the recipe for this soup here.


5 thoughts on “Tasty Recipe Update

  1. Yes on slow cookers! You should have tasted Cynthia’s Chocolate Hazelnut Bread Pudding at the last winetasting! Made in the slow cooker and fabulous!

  2. I say yay on slow cookers. I do have to remember to get mine out and use it more and every time I do I think, “I should use this more.” Gourmet? Who cares? What is better than having dinner made and smelling wonderful when you walk in the house? Yum to the avocado and yogurt on pasta!

    • I agree! I guess I get caught up a lot in the idea that my food should be “gourmet” because then I’m not cool. Now that I think about it, it’s just a good thing that I manage to make home-cooked meals every week!
      I would definitely recommend the avocado pasta dish…we inhaled it. I’m not sure how kiddo friendly it is, but it might make a good lunch!

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