Birthday Week

Tomorrow, I turn 23.

Yeah, yeah. You can hold the streamers and confetti. Getting older is not on my to-do list.

However, I do like that my birthday gives me an excuse to push some work to the side for a little bit. I have been busting veins here and there with the massive volume of work that I have, and it is time for some much-needed rest. Not that I can afford to take it, but sometimes you need a break for some sanity!

Anyway, at the beginning of the week when Sean and I were making our weekly meal plan, he said he would make dinner on Wednesday. I was overjoyed because I knew I would be majorly burnt out from finishing the feasibility study that I had to hand in earlier that day. Birthday present number one.

Moxie carefully ignores Sean over breakfast.

Tuesday night rolled around and I found that my cumulative 40 hours worked on my project needed to extend into the night. I also discovered that I was 100% out of cat food. That means no wet food, dry food, or back-up tuna. Since I care about my little nuggets not starving, Sean took time out of his just-as-busy night to pick up a variety of food for them. Birthday present number two.

Then came Wednesday. Two nights of almost no sleep left me nearly as braindead as the FE exam did last April. For example I wrote, “Need #4 stirrups,” but when I checked back later, I had actually written “See #4 stirrups.” Other than the double e, there is no relation between those two words. Frustrated, I went home early to try to get work done, only to discover that my way-too-expensive iPhone had gone missing. I tore my apartment apart only to later find it in the driveway, run over, but somehow still miraculously unscathed.

Completely demoralized, I took a long, hot shower, coming out to a text from Sean telling me that dinner was ready. Good. I was hungry. I threw on my best (only) pair of sweats, a flannel, and my fuzzy white kitty socks and biked down the hill to his house.

And then…surprise! Mama Kessler (Sean’s mom) had driven north to join Sean and me for a little early birthday celebration! I am so lucky to have a boyfriend with such thoughtful parents. She even had a (reusable) bag of (newspaper-wrapped) gifts (totally unnecessary but so appreciated) and a gluten-free vegan rice-crispy treat (I need to get the recipe) and a whole container of kale chips (probably gone by the time I post this). Mama Kessler and I have a common interest in zero waste, and I am so excited about the adorable plastic-wrap-replacement lily pad lids that she found in California. Each and every one of the gifts was so thoughtful, so thank you, Mama Kessler!

Sean also gave me a slightly different version of the picture below that I took with his Canon 50D this summer. He really gets the whole “giving memories” part of gift giving. I am especially excited that he chose a picture that I took at camp.

Fishing at the lake!

So those are all the birthday festivities so far. Tomorrow is dinner with my parents and hopefully some Halloween dress-up at Woodman’s.

I am so incredibly lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life who care about me, and I am thankful for them every day! I don’t know what I did to deserve them, but I am happy they are with me : )

P.S. I am not sure if she reads this, but happy birthday to my high school buddy, Laura Olivier! She arrived in the Brigham Women’s hospital the day before I did. I hope that wherever she is, she is having an awesome 23rd birthday.


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