Apple Cupcrisps

I am sure that everybody has noticed the smattering of “single-serving” minifoods across the internet. Cupcake everythings are in. Heck, I jumped on the bandwagon last Spring with Sean’s birthday mini lasagnas. So today I bring you something that I couldn’t find a recipe for on the internet (but didn’t require much innovation).

Turns out portion control doesn’t work…I ate two. Okay, three.

So when I found myself floundering looking for a dessert to make to bring to Ariel’s for dinner on Wednesday, with very little time to make it, I immediately jumped to the mini. I thought about mini apple pies, but I didn’t want to take the time to make the dough (don’t you dare say store-bought dough to me…I take a lot of joy in doing home-made sweets). Crisps take forever to cook so that their juices become caramelized and the topping gets, um, crisp. So why not take a big ol’ crisp and slap it in some cupcake liners so that it cooks faster?

Turns out I had time to bake a whole crisp with what didn’t fit in the muffin tin, so that’s what I brought over to Ariel’s, but if I had more than one muffin tin, I would have made them all cupcrisps!

I used this recipe and cut it in half. And cut a lot of the sugar, because I like to eat my crisp with ice cream. I baked the cupcrisps for about 20 minutes and the bigger one for about 30 minutes. This could make a cute dessert for Thanksgiving with lots of people!


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