Life Summary

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you are so unorganized, distracted, and scatterbrained that you become a danger to yourself? Anyway, that’s why I’m a little late with this post.

Here is a summary of my life these days:

Sean and I technically had our anniversary on October 28th, but we’ve been waiting to celebrate it because we didn’t want it to be so close to my birthday. We’re going out to dinner at a really nice place tomorrow night, but last weekend I wanted to start the festivities early, so I surprised Sean with some delicious risotto and a porch-side picnic with hot chocolate for dessert.

Tomato Sausage Risotto

We also drank the beer Andrew and Alice gave me for my birthday, a Cambridge Brewing Company Belgian-style beer called Tripel Threat.

Moxie was jealous.

I also went on a field trip to American Concrete. The company is a massive precast concrete operation, and for someone as nerdily excited about concrete as I, it was super fun. I got to see the biggest concrete mixer ever! Well, I don’t know about ever, but it was pretty impressive.

Somehow the only picture I managed to snap was of a field full of concrete caskets.

We went out to Woodman’s last night for open mic night and got all nostalgic about the old days of Mad Jacks shows. Mid-way through the evening, it started snowing! I hope that means it’s going to be a good winter this year.

Chandler and his Lamp enjoy looking at the snow.

So in conclusion, life has been fun but busy. Oh, and this little red riding hood guy is the bread to my butter : )

He’s probably going to kill me for putting this on the internet.

Oh yeah…and MAINE IS AWESOME! Thank you to everybody who voted YES on 1!


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