My Thanksgiving in Pictures

So I know the internet has been overrun with pictures of delicious Thanksgiving meals and boring accounts of YAYZ fun time with family!

…so here’s another similar account!

Mama carves the turkey that came from two towns over. Yum! Free-range Mennonite turkey is the best 🙂

I spent my Thanksgiving with my parents, my sister, my brother-in-law, and Sean. We made a LOT of food, ate even more, and then spent the next day with my aunt, uncle, and grandfather for a second Thanksgiving.

We picked these earlier that day!

One of the Thanksgiving day activities was harvesting the Brussel sprouts for our evening meal. The great thing about these little nuggets is that they get tastier the more frosts they go through, so we gathered a lot of really delicious small ones. However, there were still a lot of sprouts on the plants that had gotten way too big for eating (we’re talking fist-sized here, people).

Thus, Brusselball was born. Brusselball, much like baseball, is played with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and home bases and a “bat” (stick). However, rules become complicated when your “baseball” explodes on impact more often than not. Sean and Andrew managed home runs, while I excelled in spotting the largest part of the exploded sprout (which thereafter was considered the ball) and Alice perfected her ability to bellow war calls while pelting people with sprouts.

Squash gratin.

The Best Stuffing Ever

Alice and Andrew (with Sean and me as their sous chefs) made their two signature Thanksgiving dishes: squash gratin and pancetta chestnut stuffing. Weight for weight, I probably ate more stuffing than anything else. And I hear the squash gratin has become something of a sensation in Germany because they make it so well.

Here are two of Andrew’s beers side-by-side (“3” and “2”).

Oh, and we drank a lot of Andrew’s home brews (not your average home brews, let me tell you), played a lot of Wizard and cribbage, dug in a trash heap from the 50’s, and did a lot of crosswords. I love family time!


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