Tiramisu and Recent Life in a Nutshell

Welcome to Spring in Maine! We’re glad that the snow is gone and that the sun is staying out longer. It’s still pretty chilly, though!

Sean has been tying flies and fishing like it’s his job. Which, for the moment, is pretty much true, because he hasn’t started work yet for the summer.

Fishing in the Piscataquis River.

Fishing in the Piscataquis River.

I am doing the same thing I have been doing all semester, minus the classes, but I have “new” digs. With the departure of Katrina, my beloved office mate (pause for tears), I have acquired the better desk in the office (i.e. next to a window). Pardon the bottle of water — it was an emergency purchase.


“New” digs.

With the end of the semester also came the final success: our UHPC mix works! This is what it looks like:


Successful mix!

Pretty funky for concrete, huh?

We also celebrated this guy’s twenty-mumbleth birthday. Don’t worry, I didn’t make him cook on his birthday.


Look, he’s not wearing his Metolius shirt! He does, in fact, change occasionally.

Here at Flandmade, we don’t believe in tradition when it comes to food. For the most part. I try to not make sweeping declarations that are clearly not true (Thanksgiving, anyone?). Last year, I made Sean a pie instead of a cake, and this year I made him tiramisu instead of a cake…and also a cake. But more on that later.


Birthday Tiramisu!

I am a huge fan of the classic tiramisu — no cream cheese or Kahlua. I like the basics: mascarpone, alcohol that burns, espresso, and ladyfingers. I had so much trouble finding a recipe until I realized I should just search “Classic Tiramisu,” and voila!


Adapted slightly from this recipe. Yields about 4 servings, so double the recipe if you want to feed more than two twenty-somethings who eat too much.


8 oz mascarpone cheese at room temperature

8-10 ladyfingers

2 tbsp granulated sugar

2 small or 1 large egg yolk

4 fl oz or 2 double shots espresso (I used a stovetop maker and measured it out using a shot glass I got at BB&B)

3 tbsp brandy or dark rum

2 tbsp cocoa

Dark chocolate for garnish


1. Whisk together the egg yolks, sugar, and 3/4 tbsp of the alcohol until thick.

2. Add the mascarpone gradually, whisking as you go, until incorporated.

3. On a plate, mix the espresso and the rest of the dark rum. Dip each ladyfinger in the mixture and place on your serving dish. My ladyfingers soaked up a lot of liquid, but this may vary.

4. After you have one layer (half the ladyfingers), spread half the mascarpone on top.

5. Repeat (3) until you have another layer of ladyfingers. Spread the rest of the mascarpone mixture on top.

6. Using a sifter, sieve, or small-hole cheese grater, sprinkle cocoa over the top layer.

7. Chill for 4 hours or overnight. Serve with shaved chocolate (and more alcohol?).


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