Less-Mayo Potato Salad

Summertime at its best.

Summertime at its best.

Sean and I have been settling into our new apartment and life together over the past few months. The apartment is a grand improvement over our separate digs in Old Town, especially because it has a porch and awesome neighbors. Plus, there are about a thousand windows, and the cats are much more interested in looking outside than bothering us…most of the time.

Some of our favorite things to do are cooking and eating, and Sean, with his birthday grill, is rapidly becoming the grill master. Sure, our first burgers were a massive failure, but we finally redeemed ourselves the other day. For the occasion, I decided to make it feel like a real summer barbecue and whipped up some potato salad.

Potato salad and grilled asparagus.

Potato salad and grilled asparagus.

Now, potato salad is one of those sides that makes me quake in my boots. Traditionally, potato salads seem to have enough mayo to give you an instant heart attack, and while I think that’s fine in moderation, I was in the mood for something lighter. Seeking recipes, I went to the great kitchen in the sky — er, blogosphere — to peruse her many delicious-looking potato salad recipes. I found a dilled and pickled cucumber-radish-potato combination that looked scrumptious, but decided to modify it for time.

This salad is Sean-tested and -approved.

This salad is Sean-tested and -approved.

Less-Mayo Dilly Potato Salad

Inspired by this Smitten Kitchen recipe.


3 medium red potatoes, boiled, cooled and sliced into approx. 1″ cubes

2 tbsp chopped dill

1/2 medium cucumber, peeled, sliced, and quartered

3 radishes, sliced and quartered

1 tbsp dijon mustard

6 oz 0% fat plain Greek yogurt

1/8 cup mayonnaise (I used vegannaise because it’s all I had)

Salt & pepper to taste


Assemble everything in a mixing bowl and eat immediately or refrigerate.

Pre-burger feast.

Pre-burger feast.

I highly recommend serving this as a side to some grilled asparagus and burgers on homemade buns.


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