Here it Goes, Here it Goes, Here it Goes Again

It’s that school time again. I’m getting to the point where I feel like y’all should be like, “Seriously? You’re still in school?” But of course I would retort, “YUP! And I’m lovin’ it!” (Sorry, Amber, I know that will make you want McD’s — resist!)

This semester is going to be CRAZYTOWN, and I have never said that before in my life, so you know I’m serious. I’m taking three classes. To that, undergrads say SO WHAT, but grads say GASSSP! Yeah, three grad classes is a lot. Oh yeah, and I’m still chugging on with my research, too. But I’m so gosh-darned excited about being busy right now after my somewhat slow, research-centered summer that I’m nearly bouncing off the walls. I love being so busy that my entire day is full of GO GO GO, and then I get to come home and eat carnitas with my Sean and pet my kitties, and all is well with the world.

I will not be singing this tune all year. I will get overwhelmed. I will hate parts of classes. I will cry for freedom and the lazy days of summer. But I also want to remember how I’m feeling right now. And that’s energetic, invigorated, excited, hopeful, bright-eyed.

Yesterday, while sitting on the bus in the evening rush hour — believe it or not, rush hour can be pretty brutal here — I found myself feeling exhausted and anxious and frustrated. And then I looked out at the mackerel sky and felt a welling of emotion for this beautiful state in which I live. Maine constantly amazes me with its beauty, and it never fails to lift me up. So, without further ado, I give you my brief tribute to summer.

The Bangor/Orono Bog Walk

The Bangor/Orono Bog Walk

The bog walk in August is nothing less than Eden. Puffs of cotton wave in the sultry breeze while warm afternoon sunlight bathes you in contemplative comfort, the boards creak, the dragonflies flit overhead…and I, in the middle of it all, forget everything worrying me.

Warm morning sunshine kitties.

Warm morning sunshine kitties.

In our apartment, the August mornings were cool and sunny. And there’s a one in three chance that you’ll see a kitty in our window.

The shed project. BEFORE.

The shed project. BEFORE.

I spent all of last week up at camp on vacation…with a cold. But that didn’t stop me from tackling some big projects, like cleaning out the shed, which looked like the above at first…

The shed project. DURING.

The shed project. DURING.

…and then everything looked like this…

The shed project. AFTER.

The shed project. AFTER.

…and then looked like this. The best improvement was putting all of the tools up on the wall. I really swear by getting stuff off of surfaces/floors to make things look less cluttered. I think my parents were pleased (even though they did have to help with some of it).

A little bit of paradise...

A little bit of paradise…

There was some fishing in Big Wilson (no luck)…

Sean's ginormous bass

Sean’s ginormous bass

…and some fishing in the lake. Definitely some luck there. Can you believe he caught that bass on a fly? Sean also had a lovely New York trip, which you can read about here.

Butterfields: Best ice cream ever.

Butterfields: Best ice cream ever.

And what would the summer be without ice cream? We paid Butterfields a few visits. If you’re ever in Dover-Foxcroft, it’s a must-visit.

What did you all get up to this summer? Anybody back to school? Anything new and exciting on your horizons?


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