A Day in the Food

There was a hilarious moment not a month ago when I went out to lunch with my boss and our mutual acquaintance from the conference in Spain and, having had a lot of food (and maybe some drink, I don’t want to talk about it) the night before, I got only an Odwalla bar and some yogurt. My boss looked at the food and said, “Ah, now I see how you keep your svelte figure.” And then he proceeded to pay for it “now that I see what you’re getting.” Thanks, Eric.

The joke is that I eat like a horse most of the time, and that any svelteness is only part of a constant struggle with myself. Back-to-school, as usual, marks a start to a more routine eating schedule, which helps me get away from the indulgences of summer (wait, isn’t that supposed to be the holidays?). Here is a look into what I might eat on a daily basis.



Cast of characters:

Decaf coffee – Wicked Joe’s (roasted in Maine!)

Half ‘n half – Oakhurst (milked in Maine!)

Homemade granola – Made using these guidelines with oats, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, maple syrup, and raisins

No-fat French vanilla yogurt – Stonyfield Farm, from a big tub

Thawed frozen blueberries – Wyman’s (grown in Maine!)

Lunch and snacks:


Cast of characters:

Wasabi almonds – Blue Diamond, currently seeking alternative since they come in a package

Picked carrots – from this recipe

Salad – Mixed greens, feta cheese, dried cranberries, great northern beans, cucumbers


DinnerCast of characters:

Sushi bowl – Brown rice, avocado, carrots, seaweed (Sea Snax!), and soy sauce


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