Where Do My Groceries Come From?

I hope to make this type of post a series – this week was easy because it was a lean grocery shopping week (too lean, in fact). We’ll see if I have the time to do it next time!
Grocery1. Toilet paper

Origin: Unknown

Waste: Paper wrapping (recyclable)

2. Kikkoman soy sauce

Origin: The company is based out of Wisconsin, but who knows where it was actually made?

Waste: Plastic top (landfill), bottle (recyclable)

3. Little Notch Bakery 7 grain bread

Origin: Southwest Harbor, ME (60 miles)

Waste: Plastic bag – will be used for kitty poops

4. Kate’s unsalted butter

Origin: Old Orchard Beach, ME (160 miles)

Waste: Paperboard outer packaging (recyclable), foil around butter (? can I recycle this? Usually I just landfill it)

5. Pineland Farms jack cheese

Origin: New Gloucester, ME (125 miles)

Waste: Plastic packaging (Terracycle?)

6. Eggs

Origin: Waldoboro, ME (85 miles)

Waste: None! Local farmers will reuse the carton.

7. Garlic

Origin: “Local” (I assume this means somewhere in Maine, but I didn’t write it down)

Waste: Compost.

8. Semi-sweet chocolate chips

Origin: ???

Waste: None. Purchased in bulk.

9. Plain yogurt

Origin: Frankfort, ME (25 miles)

Waste: None. The jar can be returned for deposit and the farm will reuse it.

10. Honey

Origin: Sangerville, ME (50 miles)

Waste: Either recyclable OR I can try to see if they will take it back.

Number of local items: 7 out of 10

Number of items destined for the landfill: Maybe 4 – plastic soy sauce top, foil butter wrappers (unless I can recycle them?), plastic bag (full of kitty poops, but even so), and cheese packaging (unless I can Terracycle it).


2 thoughts on “Where Do My Groceries Come From?

  1. For example. If you look up the manufacturer online of say your toilet paper, you can often get a more detailed idea of where it actually comes from. We get Scott Brand. Just Wikipedia the brand and you can get an idea where it comes from.

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