Zero Waste Cat Toys

Have you ever noticed that cat toys are all made of plastic, come wrapped in plastic, and disappear never to return shortly after? Well, maybe you don’t have a cat, or you have a large stash of Dr. Pussum’s, or you grow your own ‘nip…but I’ll wager that most cat owners have a lot of plastic toys that are either lost or never used.

Chandler checks out his new toy.

Chandler checks out his new toy while LO waits her turn (not so) patiently.

As I was going through my sock collection the other day, I discovered a stray that hasn’t had a mate in years…yet I still keep it (is this a form of grief?). I also had a bag of catnip sitting around, so I emptied it into the sock, tied a knot, and handed it over to the fiends. They couldn’t keep their paws off it.

So happy.

So happy.

I have found that cats don’t like store-bought toys as much. They’d rather play with an old sock, a box, an old shoelace…and why should we feel the need to get them something “fancier”? If you are cutting down on your own possessions, why not donate your old cat toys to a shelter and keep only the toys your kitties really love?


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