Birds and Bikes

I’m not at all apologetic about being AWOL from this blog. Even though I have been making nothing but delicious food and going on awesome adventures.

Spring has finally sprung in Maine, complete with breathtaking sunsets, delectable 65 degree days, and smash-you-in-the-face allergies.

Down by the river with Ariel and Oliver.

Down by the river with Ariel and Oliver.

Count the types of clouds! If you're a nerd...

Count the types of clouds! If you’re a nerd…

My favorite part about spring this far has been the fly fishing. Well, I haven’t been doing the fishing, but Sean and Max have been, and it just so happens that there are a lot of birds that hang out by the river. Bird nerd heaven, I tell you.

Sean atop his hill.

Sean atop his hill.

We’ve also been doing quite a bit of biking, since Sean has upgraded his mountain bike and is eager to get some miles on the wheels. Eager to piggyback on some more time in the woods, I’ve been tagging along, albeit a bit more slowly. And, well, I also have a thing for going down random trails, so I might be a bit of a distraction when it comes to actually biking.

Anyway, today while Sean was bombing through the rock-riddled trails and I was staring up at the sky trying not to fall on my face, I heard my favorite bird, the ethereal hermit thrush. I wish I could put the feeling the hermit thrush gives me into poetry, but instead I’ll direct you to YouTube, where you can hear it for yourself.

This time, though, I actually saw the thrush, which is pretty rare, since they’re quite shy. Just another day in Maine.

Morning naptime!

Morning naptime!

So…there it is! Random pictures, rambling about birds and bicycles, and maybe I’ll see you again in another month!

Also, here’s something delicious I made for Sean for his birthday:

Meyer Lemon and Chocolate Marble Cake


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