Sweet Summer

Wildflowers in the garden!

Wildflowers in the vegetable garden!

Not having internet except at work this summer has been wonderful – so wonderful, in fact, that I’m not sure I’ll go back to having internet (particularly since TWC was horrible to deal with). This has been the busiest and most wonderful summer in years, even with all of the thesis scrambling/working I’ve been doing.

Guess which day I hiked Katahdin...

Guess which day I hiked Katahdin…

I’ve started running three miles a day and hiking on Saturdays. I feel more in shape than I have in years, which is most awesome simply because it means I can do more. A day when I spend more time outside than in is a day well spent in my book.

Hanging out the wash

Hanging out the wash

I have been spending most weekends at the lake, relishing in the (comparative) silence and learning to identify plants with my savvy mother. I’ve also been helping my dad out in the garden most weekends, which I love to do (but don’t tell him that, or he’ll make me weed the onions again). Gardening is a family connection for us – my grandfather kept a garden at his house, which I helped him with when I was young.

Mumsie in the garden

Mumsie in the garden

I have felt so calm and full of love lately. Summer has always been my favorite season, and I’m appreciating it so much this year since we had such a long, long, LONG winter. I can’t get enough of the long, warm days, starry nights, and summer sounds.

Exploring the bike path with my favorites

Exploring the bike path with my favorites

I have also been having so much fun watching The Goob grow into a little man. He seems to learn a new word every day (once you hear the words “yeah” and “wow” repeated back to you perfectly, you learn to start watching what you say) and is the smartest little being I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. There is never a lack of adventures with Ariel and The Goob, and watching him see things with his eager eyes makes the world seem new and beautiful every day. I am so lucky to have them in my life.

But enough sap. What have y’all been up to?


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