Oh So Many Things

So I’ve been gone for awhile.


I’ve been a little busy with finishing my master’s thesis, getting a job, moving, recovering from some temporary but unbelievably real depression, and overall just trying to take care of myself in the face of all of these major life changes.


It was a beautiful fall in Maine, although it has now become the gray and wet version of fall, snow included. I did get outside enough to really enjoy the weather – running on the river trail, a gorgeous weekend in New Hampshire for my friend’s wedding.

Chandler wanted to help me with my thesis work.

Chandler wanted to help me with my thesis work.

I had a lot of late nights and more stress than I could handle most of the time, but I passed my thesis defense and then made my way down to my new home. Now I’m on vacation for a week before I start my new job as a bridge engineer.


I’m going to miss my old home…all of the friends and food and particularly my third home, the Taproom…but I’m also really looking forward to this new adventure.


Will I post more? I’m not sure. I have a feeling I’m going to get very busy as soon as my job starts!


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