Show Low, Arizona

Somehow Arizona has become one of the states I have visited most often (besides, of course, any one in New England). My most recent visit was to Show Low, a mountain town three hours northwest of Phoenix, where my friend Lonny and his wife Maggie moved after their wedding last December.


A sweet bridge on the rather harrowing drive from Phoenix to Show Low

When I first heard the name “Show Low” I did not expect it to be spelled phonetically. It is, in fact, named after a famous gamble. Some of the streets are even named after cards. Weird, huh?

This was yet another whirlwind trip – I was there for a weekend. The altitude messed with my stomach and the time change messed with my internal clock, so I took advantage of some quiet time to relax with my friends rather than force myself to drive for hours to explore everything.


Side-by-side bridges on the drive to Show Low


With my dog nephew, Bubba


Bubba knows how to relax

We did pile into the car to visit the Painted Desert, which included a visit to the Petrified Forest National Park.


Petrified tree!


The open country


Maggie and me trying to not be blown off the rock.


Collapsed petrified trees



Of course it was incredibly difficult to leave…


“Don’t leave me, Aunt Lauren!”

On my way out of town, Lonny and I hung out in Phoenix for a few hours. We even managed to find a bucket list pedestrian bridge close to Culinary Dropout, where we had drinks and snacks. If you are ever in the area, Culinary Dropout is a must-not-miss, especially if you have some time to hang out and play lawn games.


Pedestrian bridge at sunset


The bridge is tres chic


Note how the lines of the bridge are echoed in the decorative detail on the deck. So neat!

Hopefully Lonny and Maggie will be moving back to my neck of the woods soon, but I am glad I got to visit them and see parts of Arizona that I hadn’t seen yet!


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