Zero Waste

I frequently blog about my love of the environment and my steps that I have taken to shrink my footprint on this earth. I share things that work and don’t work, and I would love if you joined me on my zero waste journey. Here is a compilation of my posts about zero waste so that you can look through them if you are interested in starting to reduce your waste.



Start Here: Beginning My Zero Waste Journey: How and Why

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Waste

The Grosser Side of Saving the World

Composting and Line Drying

On Buying Packaged Foods

Cost Analysis of Zero Waste vs. Conventional Waste

How to Pare Down Kitchen Gadgets

Waste-Free Coffee and Tea


On Moving

Zero Waste Commuting: Biking

Yes We Can

Sean’s Approach to Being a Non-Consumer

Zero Waste Goals

Simplifying and Terracycle

On Traveling


Where does zero waste start?

How do you store food without plastic bags, saran wrap, or tin foil?

Zero Waste Snacking

Microwave Popcorn


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