San Francisco

Last January, I traveled from here…


The Kennebec!

…to here:


Beautiful San Francisco.

It was a quick trip, thanks to a well-placed holiday, some carefully accrued PTO, and a gracious host. I hadn’t been to SF since I was a little kid, so I really enjoyed re-familiarizing myself with the city…not to mention seeing all kinds of amazing bridges.


One such bridge in the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park


The Bay Bridge in all her glory at night.

As trivial as it sounds, I really enjoyed riding around on the public transportation. It’s a sad commentary about the way that we live on the east coast that transit is a novelty…


Waiting for the bus.

It was the first vacation I’d taken since I started working (aside from short breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas), so relaxation was the name of the game. I ate plenty of burritos, drank plenty of one-of-a-kind drinks, met a surprising number of transplanted New Englanders, and soaked up as much California sun as I could manage.


Some down time with Bowie.

I even got to have dinner with my aunt, who I hadn’t seen in as long as I hadn’t been to SF. It was such a short visit, and even though I got to see some amazing people and do some amazing things, I wish I’d had more time to explore more of the city (and drink more amazing west coast coffee and beer). Perhaps I will find time to go back some day!


A view of the city from the tower at the De Young Museum


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